Seminar Buffet Menu 1

  • 2 Tea Break + 1 Lunch |
  • $25.00 per pax (min 30 pax)
SGD 25.00

Choose 1 item from each category

Morning Tea Break

Fried Kway Teow

Chicken Sausage with BBQ Sauce

Sliced Butter Walnut Cake

Finger Tuna Sandwiches

Coffee & Tea
(sugar & creamer sachet served on side)


Clear Chicken Soup with White Fungus

Roasted Chicken with Spicy Sauce

Black Pepper Fish Fillet

Deshelled Prawns with Strawberry Sauce

Deep Fried Thai Fish Cake

Broccoli with Jade Abalone

Braised Beancurd with Crabmeat

Fragrance Chicken Flavor Rice

Sin Chow Fried Bee Hoon

Chilled Sea Coconut with Longan

Fruit Punch Cordial Drinks

Afternoon Tea Break

Chocolate Brownie

Pan Fried Seafood Gyoza

Steamed Shrimp Har Gao

Assorted Nonya Kueh

Points to Note :

  • *Complete Buffet Layout with tables & skirting, food warmers, serviettes, disposable plates, cutleries, chilli sauce & refuse bin bag.
  • *Food best consumed within 3 hours (as per SFA regulation)
  • *Add-on Vegetarian Bento Meal @ $8.00 (w/GST $8.56)
  • *Rental : Stool $0.64 w/GST ($0.60) per piece, table $5.35 w/GST ($5.00) per piece.
  • *Transportation : Delivery Charge of $85.60 w/GST ($80.00) per order per day
  • *For all orders to the CBD area, there will be an additional $10.70 (w/GST $10.00)
  • *All prices are subjected to prevailing government taxes.