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Tea Reception Menu C
8 Course (Main / Savoury / Sweet) + 1 Drink
$8.56 w/GST (8.00) per pax (min 40 pax)
Waiver of transport charge for orders of $500 and above

Barley Cordial 薏米水


Points to Note :
*Complete Buffet Layout with tables & skirting, warmers, serviettes, disposable plates, cutlery, chilli sauce & refuse bin bag
*Rental : Stool $0.64 w/GST ($0.60) per piece, table $5.35 w/GST ($5.00) per piece
*Transportation : Delivery Charge of $32.10 w/GST ($30.00) per order; Free delivery for orders above $535.00 w/GST ($500.00)
*Duration is for 3 hours only (as per NEA regulation)
*All prices are subjected to prevailing government taxes

Cost : $8.56 w/GST (8.00) per person (minimum 40 persons)
No. of Person :